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Private Ski Instructor - KHALIL HAMDI

Ski Instructor Klosters and Davos - Khalil Hamdi
Ski Instructor Klosters and Davos - Khalil Hamdi


Discipline: SKI


Education: SSS (Swiss Snow Sports) Kids Pro, J+S (Youth and Sport, government organisation) basic education.


Languages: English, German and basic French

I've been teaching skiing for the past six years.

Klosters became my second home during this time. In the low season weeks I have accompanied many school camps. Also for children with impairment for schools of my hometown Basel where I also spend most of the snowless months. Some of them by eating up kilometers as a bike messenger. I have also worked as a guide on the beautiful roads of Mallorca.

If you can resist the parties and all-inclusive offers, I can be your man for a summer training session on the island. Last summer I was on tour in the colorful world of the Broadway Variété Circus.


My specialty are beginner and intermediate lessons for kids and young adults. I can also help in the fun park and teach the basics for all you freestyle shredders.


I had the pleasure to guide and teach 2.5 to 84 years old skiers. It's my passion to help you gain, or retrieve, a level of confidence and security which will get you ready to lay down your first turns and maybe even your first little jumps.  


My priority is at any time your wellbeing, to motivate and guide you in small steps out of your comfort zone to discover the beauty and joy of moving on two skis.

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