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Private ski and snowboarding lessons are our specialty!

We are flexible with our time, start and finish as you please in the mountains in Klosters and Davos

Private Lessons

Our Private Ski and Snowboard Lessons allow you to very individually discuss with us, what you would like to do in the given time.


Some examples:

  • You would like 1:1 teaching on any given level.

  • You want a private ski or snowboard instructor for the whole family.

  • You want your instructor to spend time with your kids and also get some tips on your own skiing/riding.

We adapt the lesson to your requirements so you can have the best possible mountain experience. 

No extra costs for additional people!

At Ben&Joe's ski and snowboard school in Klosters and Davos we make things easy for you and we are generous with our time!

Let's keep things simple. When you spend the day with us, we’ll start when you want to start and we’ll end your private ski or snowboard lesson when you are ready to do so.


For half day sessions: We can run the morning till 12am to be able to start the afternoon from 1pm onwards. How does that sound?

Pictures and video footage? Sure thing. We'll have the camera ready for those Kodak, I mean, Instagram moments!






CHF 390

CHF 260

CHF 220



CHF 370

CHF 240

CHF 210

CHF 105

Peak-Season: 22.12.2022 - 08.01.2023 and 4.2.2023 - 05.03.2023

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