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Private Ski Instructor -

Ski Instructor Klosters and Davos - Tim Knoflach
Ski Instructor Klosters and Davos - Tim Knoflach


Discipline: SKI

Education: Swiss Snowsports, Ski instructor Kids


Languages: English, German (Swiss German), Italian, a little French

Hey my name is Tim and I'm the Klosters native!


I've grown up in these mountains, learned to ski here and know the region like the back of my hand. Skiing's in my blood and I was in the local ski club for years. Because of this, I want to share my passion with as many people as I can. Whether you're finding your ski legs, or just want someone fun to ski with, I'm your man. I can point out interesting things on the mountain like a secret army base or where a bomber crashed in WW2, or simply why a mountain is named the way it is. 


I've had my fair share of mistakes, crashes and errors along the way when I first started, even to this day I'm still finding ways to improve my technique. So I understand, learning can be frustrating but I can motivate you and we can achieve your skiing goals. Everyone's got what it takes, let's find your confidence together! 


By the way, I am an old friend of Ben and Joe. They exist and there is a charming story about how the name of the ski school came about. I’ll tell you on one of the chair rides up.


Book a lesson, let's have some fun.


Hope to meet you soon!

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