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Private Ski Instructor -

Ski Instructor Klosters and Davos - Jan Parak
Ski Instructor Klosters and Davos - Jan Parak


Discipline: SKI 


Education: Landesskilehrer incl. Alpinkurs, Össv

Languages: English, German, Czech and Slovak

My name is Jan and I’m a ski addict!


I’ve tried many different sports throughout my life – swimming, ice hockey, triathlon; but skiing has been my biggest passion since I was a little child. Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom you experience when going down the mountain.


My ski-instructing career began 9 years ago. I have worked in various ski resorts in Czechia and Austria, and I completed a second highest Austrian qualification “Landesskilehrer 2”. I also hold a master’s degree in PE and special education. During my career, I have worked as an instructor of different sports activities for all people, including special needs athletes. I was an indoor cycling instructor, aqua aerobics instructor, swimming instructor, or circuit training instructor. One could say that teaching people how to move is my true calling. 

My youngest skier was 3 and the oldest one was 86 years old, so I truly believe skiing is for everyone. Skiing may not be the easiest sport, but it’s definitely one of the most fun things you can do. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, I will help you achieve them based on my experience and expertise.


Are you already a good skier and want to take your skills to a new level? I will help you improve! Skiing can be a lot more enjoyable with the right technique. We can really dig deep and perfect your style (both on the slope and in the powder snow).


Are you a newbie who has never skied before? No problem! You’ll learn to go down the slope safely without any worries and have a great time. We’ll take it easy; I will help you become a confident skier step by step.



Ready for a great ADVENTURE?

BOOK a lesson with me! :) 

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