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Ski & Snowboard Instructor - MARTINA BRYKNAROVA

Snowboard Instructor Klosters and Davos - Martina Bryknarova
Ski Instructor Klosters and Davos - Martina Bryknarova


Discipline: SKI, SNOWBOARD


Education: Ski, Level 4, APUL (Czech Assoc.), Snowboard, Level 2, APUL (Czech Assoc.)


Languages: English, Czech, Slovak, basic Polish and French

Hi, I'm Martina. 

Born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. With my dad being a part time ski instructor my path to the mountains and skiing was very short and straight. I started skiing when I was a little kid, never stopped and along the way just picked up a snowboard as well. My love and passion for winter, mountains and snowsports keeps growing and I'm excited to find out how far it will take me.

I've been teaching skiing and snowboarding for over 10 years now and went through winters in Czech, Austria, Canada and Australia. Apart from snowsports I enjoy yoga, hiking, camping and wakeboarding. But most of my time I'm on the snow and if you don't find me in the resort I'm definitely in the backcountry chasing some fresh lines.

Teaching skiing is not just a job for me; it's my passion. It doesn't matter if it's your first time seeing snow in your life or if you just want a buddy who shows you around and gives you a few tips. Helping you to get better, reach your goals and enjoy your holiday gives me great fulfillment. If you're not sure what to expect from a lesson with me, just imagine your perfect lesson. We can make that happen together. Let me help you find it.


I look forward to having great fun with your kids, supporting and encouraging any uncertain lady or mum or pushing and challenging anybody else who's up for it!

See you on the slopes!

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