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Nicole, ski instructor in Davos and Klosters has fun with kids
Nicole, Ski instructor in Davos and Klosters has fun with your kids


Discipline: SKI


Education: Swiss Snowsports, kids instructor


Languages: English, German, French and Dutch

Hey! I’m Nicole and I love snow!


I grew up in a Village near Lucerne and spent most of my holidays in the Bernese Alps. Last Winter I moved to Grisons and decided to stay in the area. Twice I’ve learned to ski. First time as a little girl, when I was so fascinated about the beauty of the mountains that I lost my ski school group… The second time was in my early 20ies when I was looking for new challenges besides snowboarding. Spending my time on the mountain makes me feel happy, this is why I live in Davos. This passion I would like to share and pass on. For a couple of years I taught snowboarding in multiple camps, I have been teaching skiing for 4 seasons so far.


Step by step we work together on your individual goals. Tell me what you would like to do and I will accompany you! I’ll help you to bundle your powers and overcome your fears. Do you need a break? No matter whether you’re a bubbly kid or an amazed adult, I’m always equipped with the right pocket games and lift riddles.

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