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Willi, Ski and Snowboard Instructor in the Davos Klosters Mountains teaches beginners to expert!
Willi, loves to teach on all levels




Education: Snowboard: Instructor Level, Swiss snowsports, Ski: Instructor Level 2, Austrian Ski and Snowboard Assoc., Freeride guide, Level 3, Austrian Ski and Snowboard Assoc.


Languages: English, Italian, basic German

Hi there, my name is Guglielmo (GOO-GLEE-el-MO), or simply Willy if my extremely complicated Italian name seems to hard to pronounce.


I’m a sport addict since the age of 6, and fun fact, my dad falsified my birth certificate so I could enter my first triathlon age already at the age of 5. 


Anyway, I spent my entire life outdoors doing any kind of sport activity, if you name one, I have probably at least tried it!


In the past 10 years I have especially focused on snowboarding, skiing and surfing. Also, having done triathlon and winter triathlon at a professional level and I enjoy good old cross country skiing a lot. 


Now I spend my winters teaching snowboarding and skiing, while in summer I teach surfing and I run an eco-friendly surfhouse in Portugal


Whether you want to just have fun, step up your game in the park and in the powder snow or you just want to improve your fitness with some cross-country skiing I am looking forward to doing it all with good tips on hand and a smile on my face. 

PS: As any other Italian I love to chat, so do not expect any awkward time on the chairlift because I have a lot to tell.

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