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Nick is not afraid of a challenge and would loves to make you a better skier!
Nick has fun with everybody. He likes a challenge and will help you improve your skiing


Discipline: SKI, SNOWBOARD

Education: ÖSSV, Landeslehrer Ski

Languages: Dutch, English and German

I am from Holland. I am 26 years old but plan to always stay young. My first time on skis was when I was 1 year and 2 month old (I remember it clearly…., just kidding!). No, I didn’t ski on my own and was just dangling between my dad’s legs.


Since there is no mountains in my home country and my family likes to ski, we always went to the Alps at least twice a year. My dad was a ski instructor when he was younger and he has recently picked it up again. I guess it is a bit of a family thing. I am  a qualified ‘Landeslehrer’ (Austrian skiing qualification). I have been teaching for 8 years in Austria, Australia, the Netherlands and of course Switzerland. I also teach snowboarding and tennis. Beside that I have studied Sports management and Life-Coaching.

When I am not teaching someone how to ski, snowboard or play tennis I try and stay as active as I can. Apart from those sports I also like to surf, kitesurf, climb (bouldering) and I do crossfit. I enjoy my time the most when I am in nature and/or getting challenged. The past few years I have seen a lot of the world. I am not done yet! Therefor I like to teach people from all over the world. I teach in Dutch English and German.

Hope to see you soon on the slopes to make you as excited about skiing as we are here at Ben&Joe's!

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