Discipline: SNOWBOARD, SKI


Education: NZSIA (New Zealand Snowsport Alliance), Level 1


Languages: English, German, French



Growing up in Davos I started skiing as soon as I started walking. Later snowboarding filled that spot and I started riding and training for halfpipe competitions.


This took me all the way to New Zealand, where I ended up staying, studying psychology and Japanese. Due to physical pain came in contact with yoga and dived deep into that path, becoming a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. 


After my master in psychology I spend some years in the Himalayas, studying Buddhism, leading treks and teaching yoga.  


Currently, I am living in Colorado, pursuing my education in contemplative psychotherapy with a strong focus on Buddhism.  

I ski, snowboard, climb, mountain bike, do yoga, read and study a lot and best on top of the mountains covered with sparkling fresh snow. 


I am looking forward meeting you and showing you why I am so passionate about it.