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Lilly, Ski instructor in Klosters Davos. A lesson with Lilly is always fun. For kids and grown ups!
Lilly, Ski Instructor in Klosters and Davos. Skiing with Lilly is always fun for kids or adults

Hello, my name is Lilly Hindes and I am 18 years old. I am English and Swiss, and am currently in my last year of school at Zurich International School and will hopefully be attending university in the UK next year to study. 


As I have been living in Switzerland for the past 16 years, I began skiing at the age of 3 and have continued skiing every winter since.


Growing up with two older sisters who are both passionate about skiing and having all gotten involved in racing at different periods of our lives it was virtually impossible not to love the sport. 


Following in the footsteps of my older sisters who are both ski instructors at Ben&Joe's private ski and snowboarding lesson. I'm excited to be working and teaching on the mountain over the winter and looking forward to helping you learn how to ski!

See you soon on the slopes!


Discipline: SKI


Education: Swiss Snowsports, Kids Instructor


Languages: English and German

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