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Jan will teach you how to have more fun on the snow. Take a lesson with him to improve your skills.
Jan, ski instructor in Klosters and Davos can teach you how to carve!




Education: Ski, Level 4, APUL (Czech Assoc., ISIA-Card), Snowboard, Level 2, APUL (Czech Assoc.), Telemark, certified, APUL (Czech Assoc.)


Languages: English, Czech and  German

Hi, my name is Jan, a graduated geographer, active climber, avid personal trainer and your future ski instructor :)


I have been skiing since I was a little child. The mountains are my passion and thanks to skiing also my home. That's why I decided to go on the ski instructor path after my studies. My career took me through Czechia, Austria and Canada to the beautiful Davos-Klosters Mountains.

I believe that the work of a ski instructor includes not only perfect demonstrations of technique and a lot of interesting exercises, but above all an individual approach to every guest.


Therefore, it does not matter whether you are young or old, fast or slow, or whether you have a limiting mobility issue. We can all improve and my goal is to reach this with you.

Maybe you already feel that nothing on the piste can surprise you. Then come with me to ski in the gates, dive in the deep powder snow, or try the original skiing style called "Telemark". But I have to warn you, once you try it, you will not want to do otherwise. 


If you are into the perfect skiing technique, a professional video analysis awaits you with a lot of tips for your own training.


Have a great time and see you in the mountains. 

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