Discipline: SKI


Education: Ski instructor USI Vienna, level A1


Languages: German, English, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian

It's time to get out of your head and into a pure state of being!


Feeling the fresh air on the skin, enjoying nature in all its beauty & power, anchoring body & mind in a state of flow while spending a great time with the best people: In my world, this is what skiing is about and what I would love for you to experience, too.


I have been skiing ever since I started walking. As a clumsy little kid, it took, however, quite some time before I managed to enjoy skiing in a winter wonderland at full blast. Today, I am a passionate powder enthusiast, knowing very well that if you learn to ski in a safe, easy-going and stress-free environment, you will become an independent skier in no time. All it takes is applying the correct technique right from the start – and Ben&Joe's is certainly the right place to nail it!


Let's celebrate your successes on the slopes. In addition to being your instructor, I am also your cheerleader, motivating you to reach peak performance every time we hit the slopes together. Besides my passion for winter sports, I am a full-time business & personal development coach. Do you feel limited by a fear or blockage preventing you from fully embracing skiing or any other area of your life? Is something holding you back from leading a life full of joy, abundance and freedom? Let's find out what it takes to experience free flow.


As an instructor, it is my goal to provide a safe environment for you on the skis. We will make sure that you are be able to independently apply all you have learned. The beauty of skiing is that it is a lifelong learning experience: There will always be something that can be optimized, no matter which level you are at. Therefore skiing surely never gets boring. :)


Last but not least, both skiing and life are about having fun! My personal fun factor is to ski together with you and catapult your skills to the next level. Let's shred across the sparkling white landscape of Davos-Klosters, spend quality time together – and feel the joy of life pumping through our veins. See you on the piste!