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Casper, ski instructor has a good time teaching anyone in the beautiful Davos-Klosters Mountains
Casper, private ski instructor in Klosters and Davos teaches from beginner to expert. Always fun!


Discipline: SKI, SNOWBOARD


Education: ÖSSV, Landes Ski- und Snowboardlehrer


Languages: Dutch, English, German

My name is Casper Monshouwer and I come from the Netherlands! My parents took me skiing when I was 2 years old and I have been skiing ever since. We don't have any mountain regions in the Netherlands but what we do have are dry-slopes. This is where I have learned and practiced race skiing. I even won the Dutch Nationals. 


My instructing life started really early due to the dry-slope nearby where I grew up. I was able to start an internship at the age of 14. This is where my passion for skiing developed into a passion for instructing. At the age of 17 I was able to start my educational journey in Austria. Now at the age of 26 I am training to obtained the highest Austrian skiing qualification (Staatlich geprüfter Skilehrer) which I am hoping to accomplish this season.


I have instructed for 11 years in Holland, Austria and Australia and my plans are to do this for a few more years to come.


I love to instruct anyone at any level. It doesn't matter if it is an introduction to skiing or powder skiing. I can help at any level! 

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